Getting Up to Speed: XP-TMC Adapter Socket from Upgradeware Unlocks the Multiplier

Office Application: PC Mark 2002

Conclusion: Great For Upgrades, But Not For Hobbyists

Basically, the multiplier on all Athlon models can be unlocked using other methods, whether this is done by connecting two pins on the underside of the CPU or by closing various bridges on the top of the CPU. These tricks require a certain measure of patience, but with the XP-TMC from Upgradeware, this can now be done with greater comfort. However, if you're typically not clumsy with mechanics, then you also have good chances for success using the conventional methods we described, and the XP-TMC might be an unnecessary expenditure.

It's a different picture if you want to be that much safer, or if you want to pep up an older existing Athlon system with a fast Athlon XP without running into problems. In this case it makes sense to go for the XP-TMC bundled with an appropriate CPU cooler. The difference in cost between a usable standard cooler and a bundle is about $10 to $30, but you end up saving money when you compare this to the cost of buying the components individually. And you also get the XP-TMC, which allows you to set the multiplier via the hardware - this feature lets you use one of the current Athlon XPs on an old board with a slow FSB clock (100 or 133 MHz), and with a correspondingly high multiplier.

  • danwat1234
    This computer sucks. As a side note, can you bring back the seti@home 3.03 benchmark to your CPU @ motherboard reviews? thanks.