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Storage With Style: WD MyBook Pro Edition

EMC Retrospect Express

This included backup software will work on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It does not support server operating systems, however.

With Retrospect Express you can make different Backup sets, and you can schedule them to happen automatically at different intervals. The package also has the capability to create a disaster recovery disk, and sports an automatic update feature, as well. The program is easy to use and works pretty well.

  • About the 'intelligent drive management' I am not that sure. It may be better than drives, which do not power down at all, but it still annoying that you cannot switch off the drive completely. For example the Seagate drives behave the same way, but in addition you can switch them off, so they will stay off when you switch off and on your PC. The WD will power on every time you power on your PC, which I personnally do not like at all.