Storage With Style: WD MyBook Pro Edition

MyBook Pro Edition Stores With Style

The Western Digital MyBook Pro Edition

Personal computer components have been plagued with a utilitarian-oriented style for as long as I remember. In the past five years or so this has begun to change, and form is no longer being completely ignored in favor of function. But if you look closely at what's available out there, you might notice that we have simply traded our beige and white boxy components for multicolored, illuminated boxy components. So, with that in mind, it is refreshing when a vendor sticks its neck out to make something a little different.

Enter the Western Digital MyBook Pro, an external hard disk drive that looks like... well, a book. And while it certainly doesn't represent a revolution in style, the Western Digital MyBook is interesting enough to make us look twice.

Form has to follow function, though, and all the neatness in the world doesn't count for much if the MyBook Pro can't deliver where it counts as a good external hard drive solution. Does the MyBook have the goods, or is it just another pretty face?

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  • About the 'intelligent drive management' I am not that sure. It may be better than drives, which do not power down at all, but it still annoying that you cannot switch off the drive completely. For example the Seagate drives behave the same way, but in addition you can switch them off, so they will stay off when you switch off and on your PC. The WD will power on every time you power on your PC, which I personnally do not like at all.