Keep Your Stuff Safe with Inside Out Networks' USB Sensors and Cameras

The Sensors

There are several models of the Watchport sensor; all of them look similar, but each detects different environmental conditions. They sell for about $200 each.

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ModelForce or Conditions Detected
Watchport/HHumidity and Temperature
Watchport/PProximity and Distance
Watchport/VNot a sensor, but a webcam

Each of these small sensors has a Category 5 Ethernet cable coming out the back. This means that you can use repeaters, hubs or switches to increase the distance between a sensor and its monitoring station.

The sensor also comes with a converter, which changes the Ethernet signal into USB. One drawback is that each sensor can only be used with the converter that came with it - but they all look the same, so it is very easy to plug a sensor into the wrong converter. If you get only one sensor, this is obviously not a problem. If you buy ten, things could get ugly.

From a single computer, up to 10 sensors or cameras can be monitored simultaneously. Another restriction is that you are limited to four sensors or cameras of the same type.

Let's take a closer look at the two of the sensors: the proximity sensor and the water sensor.