Swift Acquittal: NVIDIA QuadroFX 2000

Test Configuration

All of the specifications that follow refer solely to the performance test that was considered in the overall evaluation.

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ProcessorIntel Pentium 3.06 GHz (HT disabled)
Front Side Bus133 MHz Quad Pumped
MotherboardAsus P4T533C
ChipsetIntel 850E / Tehama (Dual Channel)
System memory1024 MB PC1066 RDRAM 40ns Samsung
HarddiskIBM Ultrastar 36LZX 36,7 GByte
SCSI-ControllerAdaptec SCSI Card 29160N
Drivers & Settings
3Dlabs Wildcat VP Cardsv0181
ATI FireGL 8x00 seriesv3051
ATI FireGL X1v1021
PNY NVIDIA Quadro4 seriesv41.04, Maxtreme v4.00.25 (3ds max)
PNY NVIDIA QuadroFX 2000v42.82, Maxtreme v4.00.28 (3ds max)
Resolution1280x1024x32, Vsync=off für alle OpenGL-Tests
Operating SystemWindows 2000 Professional SP3
Viewperf (synthetic)SPECopc Viewperf 7.0
Solidworks (Application)SPECapc Solidworks 2001Plus benchmark
3D Studio Max (Application)SPECapc 3DSMAX 4.2 benchmark
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