Swift Acquittal: NVIDIA QuadroFX 2000

NVIDIA/ PNY QuadroFX 1000

View of the QuadroFX 1000 board

NVIDIA didn't seem keen to hand out the test samples for the FX 1000, which explains why there aren't any benchmark results yet. Judging solely by its appearance, the difference in comparison to the FX 2000 is that the card only takes up one slot. The simple cooling comes at a price: the chip and memory speeds were reduced from 400 to 300 MHz. This gives a memory bandwidth of:

128 bits / 8 bits/Byte * 300 MHz * 2 transfers/speed = 9.6 gigabytes/second

In practice, the lower speed naturally makes itself felt in reduced performance: the benchmarks published by NVIDIA show a performance loss of 15 to 25 percent compared to the FX 2000.

The graphics board should cost $900/ €1050 in the stores. The connections are the same as its big brother's: two DVI-I jacks for analog and digital displays and a stereoscopic glasses connector.

FX1000 with two DVI-Is and a connector for 3D-glasses

Extra power connector of the FX1000

Uwe Scheffel