Symbiosis Between PC And Hi-Fi Device: Pinnacle ShowCenter

Software For The PC

Once the PC software is configured, the first step is complete. Prior to configuring the player, the user can see here what content has been found.

Click to enlarge: The multimedia content is organized by category into music, movies and photos.

A note of calm: initially only those directories you input during setup will be scanned. If you want additional files, perhaps from other directories, you can select them using the BROWSE button.

Please note that the software complies strictly with copyright laws, meaning it won't scan a copy-protected DVD, for example. The same goes for protected audio CDs. By the way, removing the CSS copy protection with special software tools such as Smartripper in order to create MPEG-2 files is forbidden in many countries. The same restriction applies for audio CDs, music from which can be converted into MP3 with the help of programs like CDex. For this reason, we recommend you work with non-copyrighted files.

Uwe Scheffel