THG Puts 13 Bleeding-Edge Memory Modules, 14 Mobos To the Match-Up Test

MSI K8T Neo, MS-6702 - VIA K8T800

BIOS: Initially 1.2B2, finally 1.40.

At the time when the test was conducted, the BIOS version 1.2B2 was the most up-to-date version that could be downloaded on the manufacturer's Website. We contacted MSI, as the first test result was less than impressive and the customer must expect to receive this board with exactly the same BIOS version.

Within a few days we received the versions 1.40 and 1.50 - the latter however fared worse than the previous version in the test for some mysterious reason. Even the 1.60 version did no better.

So much for the prompt reaction from MSI: about two weeks had gone by until the 1.40 version, which is still the best and was really available for download. The more up-to-date versions did not exactly instill confidence either, as they represent a backward step from the point of view of memory compatibility.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny MSI the positive final result with 1.40: together with Asus, MSI should be pleased about the good marks.

Boards with BIOS Version 1.2B2 might still be on sale in the shops. Should you experience problems, the 1.40 version should be used as the first option.

Outstanding: almost everything works; almost all the memory information is correctly read and applied.