THG Puts 13 Bleeding-Edge Memory Modules, 14 Mobos To the Match-Up Test

QDI K8V600-6A(L) - VIA K8T800

BIOS: K8Vtest6

With two memory types that do not function at all and two products that cause problems with the CO-Athlon, the K8V600 can only just be regarded as acceptable, especially as CG-Athlons dominate the market.

A very serious problem is however the inability of this board to operate our RAID Controller from Promise. The FastTrak S150 TX2plus is mentioned in the list of PCI devices, but cannot be initialized.

QDI sent us a new BIOS, which is supposed to solve this problem (1.2SL). We were only able to operate the RAID-0 configuration, which we preferred to use with an additional version (named K8Vtest6). So far QDI has not made this version or a similar functioning release available for download on its official Website. Users with a RAID Controller from Promise might therefore encounter problems in this case in addition to potential memory problems with DIMMs from takeMS and TwinMOS as well as Infineon and Kingmax (combined with a CO-Athlon).