The Best Thing That Could Happen To Intel's Pentium 4 - The SiS645 Chipset

Benchmark Setup

SiS645 is clearly armed with an impressive memory bandwidth that should be able to accelerate Pentium 4 to new DDR-memory performance heights. It might even be possible that SiS645 is able to reach or even pass Intel's i850 chipset with its expensive RDRAM memory requirement. The good performance seen with SiS's 735 chipset gives us hope that SiS645 might live up to our expectations. We also tested SiS645 with DDR266 memory, since we are not quite sure about the price and availability of DDR333 right now.

We tested SiS645 in the reference platform SS51A, as seen above, which proved to run extremely stable and reliable. In fact, this motherboard didn't even crash once, neither did it show any other irregularities. It had to stand up against the fastest representatives of the i850, P4X266 and i845 chipsets, which were also tuned to maximum performance.

SiS645 Motherboard SS51A - SiS Reference Board
VIA P4X266 Motherboard VT5580A - VIA Reference Board
Intel 850 Motherboard Asus P4T, BIOS 1005
Intel 845 Motherboard Asus P4B, BIOS
DDR333 Memory 256 MB DDR-333 SDRAM Kingmax MPLB62D-68KX3 CL2
DDR266 Memory 256 MB DDR-266 (PC2100) SDRAM Micron MT16VDDT3264AG-26AA1 CL2
PC133 Memory 256 MB Wichmann WorkX PC133 SDRAM CL2
RDRAM Memory 256 MB Infineon PC800 RDRAM
Common Hardware
Processor Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce3 Reference Card, 64 MB, 200 MHz core clock, 460 MHz memory clock
Driver: NVIDIA Windows2000/WindowsXP Driver Rev. 21.85
Hard Drive IBM DTLA-307030, 7200 RPM, ATA100, NTFS
Network Card 3Com 3C905B-TX, 100 Mbit, full duplex
Software & Settings
Operating System Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 2, All Critical Updates, IE 6
Sysmark2001 patched with BAPCo's Sysmark2001 Patch No. 3
Screen Resolutions 1024x768x16x85, 1280x1024x32x85 for SPECviewperf
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