Treasures or Trash? 5 PC Cases for Gamers

500-Watt Power Supply With Cable Management

500-Watt power supply

As is typical for MGE, the XG Dragon includes a powerful built-in PSU. What's new about this particular power supply is its support for cable management. Superfluous cable strands need not be tucked away inside the case. These are easy to remove from the power supply, and may be stored somewhere else instead.

Unneeded power cable strands may simply be detached from the power supply.

Technical specifications from the power supply label

Siggy Moersch
  • mangofield
    I have owned this case previously until a guest "borrowed" (???!!!!) my computer for a few days and I loved it. I had a black one ane my son has the red one. They are absolutely beautiful and although I do not know very much about computer cases I can say that personally neither my son nor I received our cases in anything but a pristine condition. My children gave me this case after my first stroke and I used it and it's components for over 3 years. I play everquest, everquest2,WoW and had over 150 games from GameHouse and BigFishGames on it and it ran perfectly. In my humble opinion, I think it is worth every cent plus more. Not to be argumentative at all, just voicing my opinion 8)