Treasures or Trash? 5 PC Cases for Gamers

Interior And Exterior Views, Continued

The front of this Aerocool case also features a large turbine-like structure that resembles a jet engine intake. When the computer is turned on the rotor blades spin slowly and you almost expect to hear noise levels increase as the engine cranks up. But it's soon obvious that this fixture is purely decorative. A 120 mm fan that's situated behind the rotors handles air flow instead. That said, the turbine is still an eye-catcher, enhanced by the blue LEDs that illuminate the fan.

Only the 120 mm fan behind the turbine is actually illuminated.

Here is what the turbine cage looks like from the inside.

Cover for the 5.25" drive bays

Siggy Moersch
  • mangofield
    I have owned this case previously until a guest "borrowed" (???!!!!) my computer for a few days and I loved it. I had a black one ane my son has the red one. They are absolutely beautiful and although I do not know very much about computer cases I can say that personally neither my son nor I received our cases in anything but a pristine condition. My children gave me this case after my first stroke and I used it and it's components for over 3 years. I play everquest, everquest2,WoW and had over 150 games from GameHouse and BigFishGames on it and it ran perfectly. In my humble opinion, I think it is worth every cent plus more. Not to be argumentative at all, just voicing my opinion 8)