Treasures or Trash? 5 PC Cases for Gamers


Too much plastic for professional use

Those who believe it is impossible to make any missteps when buying a gaming case are sadly mistaken. In most cases, , you get too much plastic for your hard-earned money. Case components, covers and door panels break off far too easily, and are hard to use besides. That's why we advise savvy buyers to spend a few more dollars on their cases, and make sure they're getting quality components - especially where plastic covers or door panels are present.

Alternatively, aluminum door panels are much more robust. In this comparison test, Aerocool lost points on that score. The door panels and the back case chassis were made of aluminum or narrow-gauge steel, but with a cheap plastic shell in between. This is, of course, intended to keep production costs to a minimum. Vendors buy their front panels and case chassis' from multiple manufacturers as cheaply as possible, and only put those components together themselves. In order to bind both of these component sets together, a third set of components is used, which are made entirely of plastic as a rule. Too many types of plastic should be labeled "Danger! Breakable!" Once broken, parts or covers are usually irreparable, and cease to perform their intended functions in 99% of all cases. In the worst case, this means another trip to a computer or specialty store and purchase of another, hopefully more robust case for your PC.

In this comparison test, Tom's Hardware Guide finds itself unable to recommend any of the products it tested. That is because they're either too fragile or we simply couldn't overcome our reservations about certain features or components.

For our readers, we feel compelled to share a couple more photos where it's all too plain to see that metal and plastic can be hard to distinguish. Only in the second picture, which we retouched to emphasize specific characteristics, can you really see what's made of plastic.

Hard to tell what's plastic and what's not.

We colored the plastic element in red. It's the weak link in this particular case.

Siggy Moersch
  • mangofield
    I have owned this case previously until a guest "borrowed" (???!!!!) my computer for a few days and I loved it. I had a black one ane my son has the red one. They are absolutely beautiful and although I do not know very much about computer cases I can say that personally neither my son nor I received our cases in anything but a pristine condition. My children gave me this case after my first stroke and I used it and it's components for over 3 years. I play everquest, everquest2,WoW and had over 150 games from GameHouse and BigFishGames on it and it ran perfectly. In my humble opinion, I think it is worth every cent plus more. Not to be argumentative at all, just voicing my opinion 8)