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External Graphics Over PCIe 3.0? Netstor's NA255A, Reviewed

Results: Crysis 2

We ran these numbers prior to the launch of Crysis 3. So, we take a look back its predecessor, Crysis 2.

At just 1920x1080, we're not using a high-enough resolution to make three Radeon HD 7970s sweat. Thus, a platform-oriented bottleneck keeps the dual- and triple-card configurations generating similar average frame rates. There's one outlier: two Radeon HD 7970s plugged into the TurboBox. Because three cards in the same enclosure perform as we'd expect, that could have been a configuration problem (we went over several of those on page two).

The dual-card issue rights itself at 5760x1080. However, the TurboBox doesn't scale as aggressively when we step it from two to three Radeon HD 7970s. Fortunately, we have a couple of other demanding apps coming up that can either contest or corroborate these findings.