The Ultimate Mouse Hunt Part Two

More Or Less Laser

Microsoft has now stepped onto the performance turf with their inclusion of laser illumination and a new 1,000-dpi sensor - which, oddly enough, isn't used in their mouse aimed at gamers. The Laser Mouse 6000 is a wired, ambidextrous mouse that uses the first-generation Agilent laser sensor, the same one Logitech uses in their MX 1000 and LX7, which is limited to 800 dpi.

On the other hand, the ergonomic Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 uses the new Microsoft sensor.

Razer has restyled its Diamondback and thrown in the same Agilent sensor used by Logitech, which offers a record-breaking 2,000 dpi. Knowing Razer's ability to satisfy gamers, we were more than curious about this one.