The Ultimate Mouse Hunt Part Two

Diabolically Precise

In use, again I have a problem with evaluating this mouse. Taking only the sensor into consideration and leaving ergonomics aside, admittedly the Wireless 6000 is diabolically precise. It's a good as the Logitech G series. On the other hand, the 1,000-dpi resolution and/or the reporting frequency (95 Hz as compared to 500) won't allow you to accelerate the mouse to the same level of reactivity as the G series. At full acceleration at 1,000 dpi, I find the cursor's behavior becomes a little erratic. But if you don't push the cursor speed too far, Microsoft's new processor works great and delivers perfect fluidity of movement. But add the problem with the tilt wheel and the shape to the equation, and I wouldn't recommend this mouse to hard-core gamers. On the other hand, for all other tasks, provided you can get used to the tilt wheel, it's excellent. It's still a notch below the Logitech G series, but the price is also a good deal lower at $65. If you want a very comfortable ergonomic mouse for all daily tasks with the best possible accuracy and an affordable price, this may be it.