The Ultimate Mouse Hunt Part Two

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Unfortunately, the tilt wheel is still has no detents, which makes the mouse unsuitable for FPS games. Beyond that it's a question of habit. Personally, I can't seem to get used to it and I can't understand why dozens of makers of peripherals can make multidirectional track wheels with detents and Microsoft can't. I found this particular track wheel to be squishy and lacking in precision. On the other hand, the two buttons are perfect, both from the point of view of precision and of flexibility. Two additional buttons on the right can be freely assigned and are very well placed.

Wireless communication was no particular problem, even if the reporting frequency seems to be stagnating at 95 Hz, or 20 less than USB is capable of. We noticed no interference or perceptible latency. The two AA batteries are supposed to last for six months. If that's true, then it represents the best current power solution, since it's the least restrictive.