The Ultimate Mouse Hunt Part Two

Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000

Microsoft obviously wanted to court favor with the gamer crowd with the Laser Mouse 6000. We're delighted with it, even though its technical specs surprised us. The sensor used is the first laser developed by Agilent, the ADNS-6000. It's also used in the Logitech MX1000, and more recently in the MX610. It's a 30x30-pixel CMOS model that operates at 6,400 images per second and is capable of a resolution of 800 dpi. This choice may seem odd at a time when all mice intended for gamers are increasing their resolution for better reactivity. As we've mentioned before, the accuracy of recent sensors, laser or otherwise, is what makes this increase in resolution possible, since the resulting loss of precision is not too significant. As we pointed out in our previous article, this makes it possible to speed up a mouse more without losing accuracy. Still, the sensor used in the 6000 had impressed us in the MX 1000 . While the ergonomics of that mouse weren't really aimed at gaming, it was still extremely precise.

All-Around Shape

The shape of the Laser Mouse 6000 is very classic. It's suitable for both right- and left-handers. Similar to the Razer mouse, handling is intuitive and comfortable. Its limited thickness allows the user to be more active in handling the mouse. What we mean is that with higher-profile mice intended for right-handers, you have a tendency to rest your hand on the mouse, whereas with the 6000, you can hold the mouse between your thumb and ring finger by the side cutaways for a position that's more tiring, but also more responsive. It's also obviously a matter of taste, but personally I feel it's an ideal shape for better accuracy in games and graphics applications, and especially for photo retouching. The G mice, which are ergonomic but not too wide, may offer a better combination of comfort and accuracy. The difference is slight and the choice is difficult until you've tried them both. But in any case the Microsoft Laser 6000's shape works very well.