The Ultimate Mouse Hunt Part Two


For a tutorial on mouse technologies and their impact on performance, we suggest you read the previous article .

The upshot of that article was that the G7 and G5 mice from Logitech stood out clearly from the pack with their laser-illuminated sensor and 2,000-dpi accuracy. This exceptional sensor delivers all its potential through acceleration of the USB connection to 500 Hz as opposed to the usual 125 Hz. Finally, near-perfect ergonomics make these mice truly exceptional - at least for right-handed people with fairly deep pockets.

Now, Microsoft and the Razer Copperhead have entered their new laser mouse lines into the fold. We found that while Logitech had raised the performance bar to a very high level, selecting the best out of the bunch between Microsoft, Razer and Logitech's offerings comes down to whether you are a gamer or merely an office app user.