Red Hot VGA Charts: SLI, Crossfire and AGP Graphics Added

Test Matrix Details

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Test Matrix Details
ApplicationBenchmarkAnti Aliasing (AA)Anisotropic Filtering (AF)Possible Problems and Settings
Half Life 2: Episode OneFraps/THG-Savegame,Max Details /Quality /HDR-RenderingApplication-drivenApplication-driven,ATI X1000 high quality AF6200 TC does not support HDR, but bloom only
Hard Truck ApocalypseFraps/THG-Savegame,Max Details /QualityApplication-drivenApplication-driven, ATI X1000 high quality AFAF via game settings
Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls 4Fraps/THG savegame ourdoor and indoor,max details /quality /HDR fenderingNo support for AA + HDR rendering, no support for Nvidia AA + HDR rendering, ATI AA not visible, ran X800, X850 without AA for the sake of better comparisonDriver-driven, ATI X1000 high quality AFAF not offered by the game, 6200 TC, X600, X700, X800, X850 do not support HDR rendering, but bloom only.
PreyTHG-Timedemo,max details /qualityApplication-drivenApplication-drivenATI X1000 high quality AFRow 4 - Cell 4
Rise of Nations: Rise of LegendsTHG recordgame,max details /qualityApplication-drivenDriver-driven, ATI X1000 high quality AFAA selectable in game settings (medium), no AF support, 128 MB 3D memory without fullscreen filters and with medium shadow setting only
Titan QuestFraps/THG savegame,max details /qualityApplication-drivenDriver-driven, ATI X1000 qigh quality AFAA selectable via game settings, no AF support
3DMark06 (v1.0.2)Default BenchmarkApplication-drivenApplication-driven, ATI X1000 high qQuality AFNvidia HDR rendering + AA not supported, 6200 TC, X600, X700, X800, X850 don't support HDR rendering
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Test Matrix for SLI and Crossfire
ApplicationBest Performance Settings Nvidia SLIBest Performance Settings ATI Crossfire
Half Life 2: Episode OneSingle-GPU rendering, 7300 GS TC SLI, 7600 GS SLI, 7600 GT SLI, 7800 GT SLI Split-frame rendering, Quad-SLI Alternate frame rendering 2Single-GPU rendering, Crossfire alternative: Install first card, then second card, then the applications
Hard Truck ApocalypseSingle-GPU rendering, 7300 GS TC SLI Split-frame renderingX1900 XTX Crossfire mode: Install one card first, install the second card, then install applications. X1300 to X1600 do single GPU rendering only
Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls 4Alternate frame renderingCrossfire mode: Install both cards at the same time, then install applications
PreySplit-frame rendering, 6800 GT SLI, 6800 Ultra SLI, Single GPU renderingCrossfire mode
Rise of Nations: Rise of LegendsAlternate frame rendering, 7800 GTX 512 MB SLI, 7900 GTX, Quad SLI Single GPU renderingSingle GPU rendering
Titan QuestAlternate frame rendering 2, Quad SLI Split-frame rendering, 6600 GT SLI Single-GPU renderingCrossfire-Modus: Install both cards at the same time, then install applications. Exception: 1024x768 in Crossfire mode. 1280x1024 does single-rendering only.
3DMark06 (v1.0.2)Auto selectInstall both cards at the same time, then install applications.

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