VGA Charts VI: PCI Express Update Summer 2005


Since the previous edition of our VGA charts, a few new models have arrived on the market. But while these cards offer some detailed changes to available graphics processor architecture , they merely complement the existing Ati and Nvidia product palettes. What is truly new are the TurboCache and HyperMemory technologies available in value-priced cards.

In the newest edition of our VGA Charts, we compared 33 different PCI Express graphics cards. Included is Intel's GMA900 graphics processor. This device is built into Intel's i915G chipset as an integrated DirectX 9 graphics solution, which has also helped Intel to dominate the market in units shipped - clearly ahead of Ati and Nvidia.

The Candidates

The VGA Charts for Summer 2005 consist of 29 different PCI Express graphics cards, three SLI configurations and Intel's GMA 900 graphics chip. We include nearly the entire product palette from Ati. For some reason, the leading vendors were either unwilling or unable to deliver cards with the 128 MB versions of Nvidia's GeForce 6800 GT as well as the GeForce 6800 LE.

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NVIDIA CardsChipMemoryDX GenerationChipclockMemoryclockBuswidthP-Pipes
GeForce 6800 Ultra SLINV45256 MBDX 9.0c4001100256 bit16
GeForce 6800 GT SLINV45256 MBDX 9.0c3501000256 bit16
GeForce 6600 GT SLINV43128 MBDX 9.0c5001000128 bit8
GeForce 6800 UltraNV45256 MBDX 9.0c4001100256 bit16
GeForce 6800 GTNV45256 MBDX 9.0c3501000256 bit16
GeForce 6800NV45256 MBDX 9.0c325600256 bit12
GeForce 6600 GTNV43128 MBDX 9.0c5001000128 bit8
GeForce 6600NV43128 MBDX 9.0c300550128 bit8
GeForce 6200NV43128 MBDX 9.0c300550128 bit4
GeForce 6200 TC64NV4464 MB+DX 9.0c35055064 bit4
GeForce 6200 TC32NV4432 MB+DX 9.0c35070064 bit4
GeForce 6200 TC16NV4416 MB+DX 9.0c35070032 bit4
GeForce PCX 5900NV35128 MBDX 9375700256 bit8
GeForce PCX 5750NV36128 MBDX 9425550128 bit4
ATI Cards
Radeon X850 XT PER480256 MBDX 9.0b5401180256 bit16
Radeon X850 XTR480256 MBDX 9.0b5201080256 bit16
Radeon X850 ProR480256 MBDX 9.0b5071040256 bit12
Radeon X800 XT PER423256 MBDX 9.0b5201120256 bit16
Radeon X800 XTR423256 MBDX 9.0b5001000256 bit16
Radeon X800 ProR423256 MBDX 9.0b475900256 bit12
Radeon X800 XLR430512 MBDX 9.0b4001000256 bit16
Radeon X800 XLR430256 MBDX 9.0b4001000256 bit16
Radeon X800R430256 MBDX 9.0b390700256 bit12
Radeon X700 ProRV410256 MBDX 9.0b425860128 bit8
Radeon X700 ProRV410128 MBDX 9.0b425860128 bit8
Radeon X700RV410128 MBDX 9.0b400700128 bit8
Radeon X600 XTRV380128 MBDX 9.0b500740128 bit4
Radeon X600 Pro 256RV380256 MBDX 9.0b400600128 bit4
Radeon X600 Pro 128RV380128 MBDX 9.0b400600128 bit4
Radeon X300RV370128 MBDX 9.0b325400128 bit4
Radeon X300 SERV370128 MBDX 9.0b32540064 bit4
Radeon X300 HMRV37032 MB+DX 9.0b32560064 bit4
Intel Graphics
GMA 900i915G-DX 9333Motherboard-4