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Video Editing for $250: Pinnacle Studio DV Plus

And What About MPEG-4?

The editing software is not quite up to date in just one aspect: It cannot convert data files into the current space-saving MPEG-4 format. Nor is it possible to access different user-defined video codices. The "Studio DV software" only uses its own codices.

Therefore, those who want freedom of choice to incorporate the Divx codex (MPEG-4), for example, should switch to a professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere. In that case, a special plug-in for the Pinnacle card is necessary to make DV recording possible.

Result: Editing Card For DV New-Comers

In conclusion, we have found that the Pinnacle Studio DV is a low-priced video editing card with digital in- and outputs via fire-wire interface. For this reason, it is especially beneficial for DV or digital-8 camera-owners who desire quick access to the topic of "DV video by PC". The card is also equipped with audio and video outputs, making it possible to output the entire film in analogue form, for example.

However, the computer system should already be equipped with powerful hardware: a processor of at least 500 MHz, at least 128 MB main memory and a hard drive of at least 10 GB are the requirements for ergonomic operation. A common problem with video editing cards is the flawless operation when combining different types of hard and software.

During the entire test, using the two systems platforms consisting of AMD Athlon 1000 and a motherboard with a set of VIA KT-133 chips as well as Pentium III/733 and a board with a set of Intel-815 chips, no errors occurred. We should note at this point that we conducted all video editing tasks using Windows 2000.