Video Editing for $250: Pinnacle Studio DV Plus

Test Procedure: Recording - Editing - Output

We would like to briefly describe the configuration of our test here: as is described above, the card was installed in both systems having different platforms. We used the operating system Windows 2000 Pro. Following the installation of the IEEE-1394 driver, which automatically sets up Windows 2000, the enclosed program package was loaded. As with the last test of a video editing system , the DV camera Sony DCR-PC110E was used as a video source this time as well. In this instance, the task consisted in copying video recordings from four different DV cassettes onto the hard disk of the PC.

A glance at the system settings shows the correct driver set-up.

Note : At time of testing there were no english drivers and software available!

Recording made easy: it takes only a short time to become familiar with the user interface of the editing software.