Video Editing for $250: Pinnacle Studio DV Plus

Price War: DV Editing For The Mass Market

The market for video cameras in the price range up to $2000 is currently very volatile. For example, the share of all DV cameras sold in 2000 stood at over 40 percent. Many users owning such a DV camera are understandably eager to process their video recordings on the PC. This, however, requires appropriate computer hardware which only very few hobby film makers own.

Moreover, many users are frequently unaware which editing software should be purchased. The range of solutions offered on the market ranges from the pure fire-wire card from approx. $70 upwards to the semiprofessional card such as, for example, the Matrox RT2000 for $1300.

The Pinnacle Studio DV Plus we tested is definitely designed for video new-comers who own a DV camera and occasionally wish to record and process films on their PC.

DV editing for just under $250: the Pinnacle Studio DV Plus is compatible with any modern PC system. Essential requirement: a fast processor (500 MHz or more) and a big hard drive (10 GB or more).