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Gigabit Wireless? Five 802.11ac Routers, Benchmarked

Results: PerformanceTest 7, Across-House

Now onto the long distance TCP trials for PT7. Once again, Belkin can’t connect, which is only slightly worse than its performance in our same-room setting. Even with beamforming, AirLive takes a hefty hit on throughput, although it still holds up admirably in the 55+ Mb/s range. Asus, Buffalo, and Netgear nearly triple that number, with Asus again emerging the victor. The gap for Linksys is noticeable. Having been fans of the company’s recent consumer routers, we’re starting to wonder if Linksys might have shipped its firmware a little earlier than engineers might have liked. Hopefully, a subsequent update will help.

Not much news here with UDP. Netgear now jumps into first place, suggesting that perhaps there's 5% worth of wiggle room in our tests. If so, then all five functioning routers are statistically in a dead heat for this test.

Moving to 2.4 GHz TCP at distance, we should restate that what we see in Belkin here used to be the norm for 2.4 GHz routers at this location. All five remaining routers deserve praise for holding a connection at all in this difficult arrangement. Linksys finally shows some moxie, coming in second to Asus, the only product to break 100 Mb/s on this chart.

The UDP results are all over 600 Mb/s. Move along, nothing to see here.