Tom's Hardware's Summer Guide: 17 SSDs Rounded Up

Benchmark Results: Power Efficiency

The first chart shows an SSD’s true efficiency when delivering lots of data (streaming reads). We relate streaming read performance to the power required to execute this type of workload. Although Toshiba isn’t fastest, it is the most efficient because it requires so little power to operate. Many of the SandForce SSDs, together with Intel’s X25-M, are also great. Neither Crucial's fast RealSSD C300 nor the Intel X25-V rank particularly well on power consumption.

Let’s also look at I/O efficiency. This summary is based on workstation I/O performance results and power consumption. Again, the SandForce SF-1200-based SSDs dominate, and Intel shows well here, too. Toshiba and WD don't deliver stunning power efficiency at high I/Os.