Working on Two Fronts: ATi's Radeon VE Handles Two Monitors

Dual Monitor Support With Hydravision, Continued

Another icon appears in the lower right part of the taskbar. You can use this to switch conveniently between Windows desktops. In the example above, the number "1" stands for the settings of the first desktop. The user can manage up to 9 of these virtual desktops.

Hydravision's desktop management can be individually adapted to the user's needs. In the test, the activation "application position memory" turned out to be useful. It is used to make the software "remember" the settings for the application window. Rebooting the computer has the effect of returning applications to their original size.

The complete range of Hydravision's functions has been summarized in the following list:

Multitask with multidesk Manage up to 9 virtual desktops with definable applications
Several documents in one application Use both monitors to individually position documents
Assigning hotkeys to applications Open and position applications with one keystroke
Independent resolutions and refresh rates Optimal control of several output media (monitor, TV, flat panel)
Opening applications in a preferred desktop position Save window sizes and positions specific to certain applications
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