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Xabre Rattling - SiS's New Graphics Chip

3D Wizard

An additional driver/tool called 3DWizard is needed to activate features such as 3D Stereo Vision with shutter glasses and FSAA. SiS doesn't seem to be very fond of this tool, though, as there is no link to an official download anywhere on the Xabre homepage. Older versions of the utility no longer seem to work with the current drivers either.

3D Stereo Settings

FSAA Option Menu

Overclocking Menu

In addition to these options, SiS has also incorporated a less welcome "feature" into the driver called "Eagle Eye", which bears a strong resemblance to ASUS' infamous see-through feature.

Enabling Eagle Eye forces the drivers to make 3D objects appear transparent or, alternatively, to be drawn in wireframe mode. When we questioned a few of SiS's driver developers about this feature at Computex they were nonplussed. It seems as though SiS slept right through the ASUS see-through scandal. Whatever the case may be, let's just hope this questionable feature will not be included in the next driver release - or any future release, for that matter.