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Xabre Rattling - SiS's New Graphics Chip

FSAA Benchmarks

Max Payne (Direct3D)

Max Payne sees the Xabre outstrip the two NVIDIA GeForce4 MX boards both in 2x and 4x, in which the SiS is always just a tad faster. ATi's Radeon displayed odd behavior, once again. It simply refused to react to the settings in the driver, ignoring changes completely and, consequently, showing the same performance at all AA levels. Most stable, indeed...

Quake 3 (OpenGL)

In Quake 3 we see a complete reversal of this picture, and the NVIDIA boards pull ahead for a clear victory. The Xabre doesn't seem to acknowledge the changed settings, or at least changes them only partly. The identical results in 2x and Quincunx mode on the NVIDIA boards may appear strange, but are valid. Thanks to special hardware support in the GeForce4 MX, the Quincunx mode can be used with virtually no performance hit.