Two Xeon CPUs Are Better Than One Intel P4 Extreme Platform

Benchmarks And Settings

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Quake III Team ArenaVersion 1.321024x768 - 32 bitTimedemo1 / demo thg3"custom timedemo"Graphics detail = Normal
DirectX 9a
3DMark 2003Version 3.4.0Graphics and CPU Default Benchmark1024 x 786 - 32 bit
Mainconcept MPEG EncoderVersion GB DV to MPEG II(720x576, Audio) converting
Pinnacle Studio 9Version: 9.0.0Rendering - DVD Compatibleno Audio
Windows Media Encoder 9Version: MB AVI File conversion to WMVWindows Media Server (Streaming)
Microsoft Movie MakerVersion 2.0.3312.0416 MB DV to WMV
TMPGEnc PlusVersion 2.5211.2 GB DV to MPEG I(720x576, Audio) converting
magix mp3 maker 2004Version 4.11 Build 19593
Syntrillum Cool Edit ProVersion 2.1Amplitude Normalizing2.6 GB Wave Audio file
3D Studio Max 6.0Rendering Single, 1024x768
Newtek LightwaveVersion 7.5c - Build 572Render First Frame = 1Render Last Frame = 60Render Frame Step = 1Rendering Bench "variation.lws"Show Rendering in Progress = 320x240Ray Trace Shadows, Reflection, Refraction,Transparency = onMultithreading = 8 Threads
Maxon Cinema 4D XL 8Version 8.503Rendering in 1024x768, "ship_dirt"
Microsoft Visual Studio .NETVersion 2003 (Enterprise Architect)Visual C++: compiling Emule 0.42b
LIUtilities WinBackupVersion 1.84650 MB Wave fileEncryption: 256 Bit DES, Password "test"
PCMark 2004 ProBuild 1.1.0CPU and Memory Tests
SiSoftware Sandra 2004Version 2004.10.9.89CPU Test: CPU Multimedia / CPU ArithmeticMemory Test: Memory Bandwidth Benchmark
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