Two Xeon CPUs Are Better Than One Intel P4 Extreme Platform

E7505/Placer Chipset Technology In Detail, Continued

The P64H2 bridge, on the other hand, operates at 133 MHz according to the HUB 2.0 protocol. This speed can accommodate data transfer rates of up to 1 GB per second over a 16 bit wide bus. Furthermore, the E7505 has a dual memory interface as well as an AGP 8x interface.

The ICH4 Southbridge from Intel

The ICH4 (82801DB) Southbridge, based on a 250-nm process, offers connectivity for six USB 2.0 ports, four ATA100 drives, a 100 MBit LAN chip, an AC97 sound decoder and support for a maximum of six PCI master devices, each with 133 MB per second bandwidth.

Intel's P64H2 Southbridge

Things work differently with the P64H2 (82870P2) Bridge. It was designed for the fast PCI 64 and PCI X interfaces. The PCI 64 interface corresponds to Version 2.3. Both operate in 64 bit mode. All motherboards with an E7505 chipset in the WTX format have connection possibilities for a maximum of three PCI 64 and one PCI X cards. PCI 64 operates either with 33 MHz or 66 MHz, resulting in transfer rates of between 266 MB/sec and 533 MB/sec (maximum). In comparison, the PCI X operates with 66 MHz, 100 MHz and 133 MHz. Data transfer rates of between 533 MB/sec and 1066 MB/sec are reached.

Block diagram of the E7505 chipset with P64H2 Southbridge

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