Xeon Woodcrest Preys On Opteron

Intel Server Board S5000PSL

Since Intel sent us the test system it is not surprising that it is powered by an Intel-branded motherboard, the S5000PSL. Each processor is supplied by a 5-phase voltage regulator. There are four DIMM sockets per processor, which allows you to install up to 32 GB of memory when 4 GB DIMMs are used. Intel decided not to use the 6700PXH PCI-X component because the southbridge 6321ESB comes with a fully-featured PCI-X 133 bus that poweres two 64 bit slots. This means that the total bandwidth of 1066 MB/s is shared if two expansion cards are installed.

There is, however, Intel's latest network controller, the 82563EB. It supports two Gigabit Ethernet ports and is attached via PCI Express. An ATI ES1000 controller with 16 MB DDR memory takes care of display output via D-Sub (replacing the old Rage 128 by ATI).

The S5000PSL does not support audio, but I/O and integrated graphics.

Socket 771 and 775 look almost alike. The easiest way of telling them apart is the socket count. Dual processor motherboards use socket 771 for Xeon, most single processor boards will be socket 775.

Intels Reference System

Intel sent us a pedestal-type server system.

The system design can only be called 'streamlined'. Large 120 mm fans ensure high air throughput.