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The Bensley Platform (5000 Chipset)

The Bensley was introduced early in 2006. There are two server versions (Bensley aka 5000P and 5000V for value systems) and the workstation model (Glidewell or 5000X). Intel's website offers comprehensive information and technical data, so we reduce this section to a simple summary:

5000P/X and 5000V MCH (northbridge)

  • FC-BGA package with 1432 balls
  • Supports two processors with dual independent busses (DIB)
  • FSB1066 (266 MHz, 16.6 GB/s) and FSB1333 (333 MHz, 20.8 GB/s)
  • Quad channel DDR2 memory controller for FB-DIMMs (Fully Buffered DIMMs), DDR2-533 or DDR2-667
  • max. 64 GB (5000P/X) or max. 16 GB (5000V).
  • Optional memory mirroring (5000P)
  • 5000P supports up to three x8 PCI Express Slots, 5000V spots only one

6700PXH PCI-X Hub

  • FC-BGA package with 567 balls
  • This is an optional component
  • Hooks up to the 5000 chip viar x8 oder x4 PCI Express
  • Offers two independent PCI-X 133 busses

6321ESB I/O Hub (southbridge)

  • FC-BGA package with 1284 balls
  • Six SATA/300 ports with NCQ
  • Supports software RAID 0, 1 and 5
  • Six USB 2.0 ports
  • Three x4 PCI Express links
  • One PCI-X 133 bus