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Round-Up: Four Z68 Motherboards From $220 To $280

Z68A-GD80 Firmware

MSI delivered its Z68A-GD80 with a beta firmware employing its Click BIOS II interface, which unfortunately wouldn't work with our Logitech G5 gaming mouse. Rather than use a different mouse or push forward with an unreleased update, we stuck with our standard practice of using a published firmware instead. That took us back to the firm’s earlier Click BIOS (I) interface, though. So, readers who would like to know more about Click BIOS II can fast-forward to 2:24 of this MSI promotional video.

There's nothing wrong with the original Click BIOS. We found all of the required ratio, clock, and voltage controls within the first page of its overclocking menu.

Scrolling down that menu, we found additional voltage controls for the integrated graphics processor and DRAM reference levels.

Primary and secondary memory timings are found in the Advanced DRAM Configuration submenu. Shown are the X.M.P. profile timings we used in our overclocking tests.

An additional submenu reveals tertiary timings.