Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's star power made him a celebrity magnet at GTC 2024

Jensen Huang at GTC 2024
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Coinciding with Nvidia's incredible surge in value over the last 12 to 18 months, CEO Jensen Huang has gained significant star power. At the recent GTC 2024, the founder and leader of this $2 trillion company took to the stage to deliver a keynote in an atmosphere some senior analysts likened to being at a rock concert. Thus, it comes as little surprise that Jensen Huang has become a celebrity magnet, with CNBC noticing that A-listers like "George Lucas, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Trevor Noah, Ashton Kutcher and more," streamed out of the venue after the event wrapped up.

Because the 'celebs' video was posted by CNBC's Nasdaq Correspondent, Kristina Partsinevelos, on Twitter/X it was naturally accompanied by a plethora of comments from self-styled investors looking for a deeper meaning to this phenomenon. Interestingly, there seemed to be a pretty even split between those who see the arrival of these celebrity investors as bullish or bearish – a positive or a negative for stock valuation trends. Some saw the celebrity attendance as the beginning of a new exciting time for AI investments. Others were quick to suggest the same scene was a sign that Nvidia's stratospheric rise will now plateau, or even pop like a bubble… Remember, investments are risky.

Of course, no one knows how Nvidia shares will fare in the coming months, if anything was indeed certain, it would most likely be 'priced-in.' If Nvidia does fall out of favor due to factors like AI actually being a bubble, or due to superior technological competition offered by one of its many rivals, that will probably also have an impact on the tech rock star status of Jensen Huang. Conferences like GTC could return to being smaller, lower-key, and less glitzy affairs. Jensen could even throw off his Tom Ford lizard-embossed leather jacket and go for a nice fleece or cardigan from Buck & Buck. But perhaps that is going too far, too quickly.

We just had a blockbuster at GTC 2024 with Nvidia's reveal of its next-gen Grace Blackwell GB200 superchip. The next sight of Nvidia's CEO and the green team PR machine in action might be as soon as the Hannover Messe 2024 in April, or the ISC in Hamburg in mid-May. However, as PC enthusiasts we are most highly anticipating talk and teasers regarding new GeForce RTX 50 consumer graphics cards and technologies at Computex 2024, from June 4-7.

Mark Tyson
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