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Best Raspberry Pi Projects

Best Pi Projects for June

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

June marks the start of summer. If you're in the northern hemisphere—that means sunshine and warm weather but no matter where you are, it also means awesome Raspberry Pi projects! Makers have been busy over the past month whipping up some exciting new creations and now it's time to compile our list of the best ten.

All of the Raspberry Pi Pi projects we cover are fantastic which makes it really hard to pick favorites. That said, those below stood out the most and we're putting them in the limelight once more! They use of some of the best Raspberry Pi accessories and HATs to make some truly notable creations. 

Darth Vader Raspberry Pi Pico Cryptocurrency PCB 

(Image credit: TheAmplituhedron)

This PCB is really cool and not just because it's shaped like Darth Vader. This custom PCB is made to help track cryptocurrency prices. It has room for all the modules you need including an ST7789 SPI LCD display. Best of all, this project relies on the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller.

Why we love it:

Creating a Pi-powered crypto tracking device isn't difficult in itself but execution of this project is what stands out the most. It not only relies on the most minimal Pi board but also features a totally custom design from the ground up.

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Raspberry Pi Pico Pong 

(Image credit: Pip Austin)

Up for a game of Pong? How about Pico Pong? This ultra-tiny Pico game uses the Pimoroni Unicorn pHat. Players can control their paddle with the buttons and duke it out with a second player for the best score.

Why we love it:

It's gaming on the Raspberry Pi Pico! Of course we're excited. For a Pimoroni Unicorn game, the design is very well executed. There are several little details that make for a polished experience including a fading trail behind the pixel ball.

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Robotic Raspberry Pi Co-Host 

(Image credit: HotSparkLab)

If you've ever wanted to be friends with a Raspberry Pi, this is the project for you! HotSparkLab streams games on Twitch and this robotic co-host is powered by a Raspberry Pi 4. He has matrix eyes and a matrix mouth that animate in sync with audio files and text to speech software.

Why we love it:

This robotic creation is too cool to not show off again. The world of animatronics is intricate, requiring both artistic merit and patience for good results. This project is worth all the praise and then some.

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Raspberry Pi Pico Shield 

(Image credit: Nathan Mangar)

Need to manage your Pico prototypes? Check out this clever Pico shield which labels all of the GPIO on top of the board. It also has access to a reset and bootsel button.

Why we love it:

The Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO pins are labeled on the official board but aren't visible when plugged into a breadboard. This shield solves the problem completely and still allows access to critical buttons on the Pico.

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Raspberry Pi CM4 Cryptocurrency Node Carrier Board 

(Image credit: Mirko_electronics)

Creating a cryptocurrency node is something you do because you can, not because of any tangible benefit. If you've got an itch to make a crypto node with a Raspberry Pi, you may want to check out this CM4 carrier board. It's decked out with everything you need from Ethernet ports to an M.2 slot. It also doubles as a light desktop, capable of browsing and other simple computing demands.

Why we love it:

This project took a lot of work and fills a very niche demand in the maker community. The ports included are spot on for crypto needs and the PCB design is very attractive.

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Raspberry Pi CM4 3D Printer Controller Board 

(Image credit: pkElectronics)

This custom PCB integrates a Raspberry Pi CM4 as the main controller for a 3D printer. It has additional ports for things like servos and even multiple camera ports—great for setting up a remote monitor with Octoprint. It has everything you need to get started in operating a homemade printer.

Why we love it:

We love 3D printing and how much flexibility it adds when creating projects. Now users can make their own 3D printer using a Raspberry Pi! There's no way around it; this project blends too many of our favorite things.

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Apple Raspberry Pi Laptop 

(Image credit: Littlespleen)

If you've got an old MacBook lying around, why not turn it into a Raspberry Pi rig? This maker did just that and managed to incorporate the original trackpad and keyboard, creating a seamless experience with the original hardware.

Why we love it:

We love Apple, we love Raspberry Pi and we love recycling old hardware--this project wins on many levels. It's hard not to appreciate projects that incorporate as many original components as they can.

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Raspberry Pi Pico Online Game Boy Multiplayer Mod 

(Image credit: Stacksmashing)

This project uses a Raspberry Pi Pico to allow players to play Tetris against friends using original Game Boys. Here's the catch; it's not replacing the link cable for local play, it actually supports online multiplayer Tetris.

Why we love it:

Right now it only supports Tetris but we can't wait to see what else the community can cook up. Online multiplayer Pokemon for the Game Boy is too exciting of an idea to ignore. This project shows serious retro gaming potential!

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Raspberry Pi Mini Gaming PC 

(Image credit: Jay, Print 'N Play)

This project looks like a gaming PC and for all practical purposes it is. However, this 3D-printed gaming rig is extra small. Despite the size, it's capable of streaming big titles from a local gaming desktop using Steam Link. All you need is a good network connection and a controller to get started.

Why we love it:

We love gaming on the Raspberry Pi and this project is beautiful! From the clear side panel to the RGB LEDs, this design is top notch.

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Flamethrowing Raspberry Pi Roomba 

(Image credit: Alfredo Sequeida)

Do not try this project at home kids! In perhaps the most daring creation we've come across this year, this project features a driveable Roomba with a flamethrower on top. The system is mounted using 3D-printed parts and controlled by a Raspberry Pi.

Why we love it:

It's like Battle Bots meets Raspberry Pi for a dangerous yet fascinating creation. This project is far from safe but the engineering and pyrotechnics are seriously fascinating.

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Tom's Hardware Pi Projects 

We've been busy with Pi projects here at Tom's Hardware, as well. Here are a few fun things we've been working on and tutorials you can follow to recreate them at home! 

How To Program Webcam-Powered Scratch Games 

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

In this article, Les takes a closer look at the systems used to program games in Scratch that can interact with a webcam. Follow along as he creates a simple game that you can play using a webcam, Raspberry Pi and Scratch.

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Raspberry Pi Chia Coin Farming 

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Want to start farming Chia Coin? You’re not alone! Les shows us how to get started in this Raspberry Pi Chia farming tutorial. It relies on the Ubuntu 64-bit version for the Raspberry Pi along with a few extra components like a good case for cooling and an SSD.

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Use Playstation and Xbox Controllers with Raspberry Pi 

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

If you don’t have a USB controller handy, you might be able to get away with using a space Xbox or PlayStation controller. Setting them up is easy but it helps to have a Raspberry Pi with wireless support built-in.

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Raspberry Pi Google Assistant Rotary Phone 

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Ryder’s projects are often hilarious and this one is no exception. In a brilliant spark of creativity, he incorporated Google Assistant with an old rotary phone using a Raspberry Pi Zero. Instead of saying “Hey Google” to activate the service, users simply pick up the phone.

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    Makers this summer are keeping their hands busy with plenty of cool Raspberry Pi projects. Here are some of the best ones we've encountered over the past month.

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