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Windows 8 Install Process Streamlined to 11 Clicks

Upgrading your computer's operating system can be kind of a pain in the butt, but Microsoft wants to make sure that aspect of things doesn't play even the smallest role in deterring you from installing Windows 8 when it finally arrives. The company has apparently streamlined the install process  down to just 11 clicks. Speaking via the Building Windows 8 blog, Christa St. Pierre said that, whereas the old upgrade process for Windows 7 included four different wizards and up to 60 different screens, Windows 8 will allow the same task to be accomplished with as few as 11 clicks.

"The exact number of steps you need to take to complete the installation varies based on your existing OS, migration choices, install method, and number of blocking issues you need to resolve to get the PC ready for installation, but the experience is greatly simplified for everyone," St. Pierre said. "We accomplished all of this with no loss of functionality or customization—we simply streamlined the existing experience."

The blog post details a number of changes that Microsoft has made to the Windows 8 setup process, including the fact that the company is now putting more focus on the web as a method of software delivery. The company said that while it will continue to sell software in a physical format, it will be making it easy for users to upgrade their machines via the web, too.

"This includes starting the setup experience online as well, and having one continuous integrated experience from beginning to end," Christa said. "There is also one big advantage that is a favorite of mine. With our web setup experience, we actually "pre-key" the setup image that is downloaded to a unique user, which means that you don’t have to type in the 25-digit product key when you install!"

To read more about the changes to the Windows 8 setup, head on over to the Windows blog. For a demo of the installation process, check the video below!