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Cooler Master Brings Versatility And Modularity To New Products

Cooler Master's booth at Computex 2015 hosted several modders, demonstrating their skills in various chassis. In order to see the new products and more importantly, the company's new strategy, we had to visit Cooler Master's VIP suite where we had the chance to attend an informative half-hour seminar, which introduced us to its new motto: "make it yours."

At the end of the seminar Cooler Master unveiled a fascinating new product, which follows the company's new motto -- make it yours. However, we were prohibited from taking photos of it to share. What we can share is that Cooler Master wants to bring high versatility and increased modularity to its products with features that will bring end users closer to their needs and desires. This new project sounds fascinating, and we are anxious to see it in action, since it will have an impact on CM's whole portfolio of future products.

Cooler Master's "make it yours" motto is also behind the MasterCase, the first FreeForm case that allows the hosting of different configurations enabling users to upgrade it when they want to, instead of having to replace it. This is a midsized tower case with three iterations, MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro, and MasterCase Maker 5.

End users can customize the frames, move around items, or add extra parts in order to upgrade the case to a MasterCase Maker model, making it function and look like they want it. For example, in this case you can vertically adjust or entirely remove drive cages, in order to install longer VGAs. All parts of the MasterCase can be easily added or removed, so users can configure it according to their needs.

We also had the chance to take a first look at some prototypes, which were made with the same motto in mind as the MasterCase. These products included a set of headphones in which the speaker cones could be easily exchanged with other compatible cones in case users want an upgraded sound experience.

We also saw a mouse where the sensor's placement could be adjusted forward or backwards. The list of highly modular products also included a water cooling kit and a laptop base/stand.

Finally, Cooler Master's new digital, Titanium PSU is close to mass production, according to the company. The finish of this high-capacity unit was amazing, and this is the first time we see a PSU with a push-button playing the role of the on/off switch. The control/monitor software that was presented to us had limited functionality, but still it gave us a good idea of what to expect.

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Aris Mpitziopoulos
Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.