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Fractal Design Celsius AIO Cooler Line Gets X299 And TR4 Update

Fans of Fractal Design’s Celsius line of all-in-one coolers will be glad to know that the company’s Celsius S24 and S36 all-in-one liquid CPU coolers have now been upgraded to support Intel’s socket 2066 as well as AMD’s 4,094-pin TR4 LGA socket.

Those of you upgrading to one of the aforementioned sockets will be interested to know that, during our hands on testing of the Celsius S24, we found that this cooler produced the lowest full-load CPU temperature ever measured on our test system. The added bonus is that the S24 was also one of the quietest all-in-one coolers in the test group.

Aside from the bracket upgrades, construction of the Celsius S24 and S36 all-in-one coolers remains unchanged. Both liquid CPU coolers share the same the 12V ceramic bearing water pump equipped with a copper cold plate. Although the radiators vary in size and thickness, both share the same basic high fin count aluminum construction. The Celsius S24 radiator measures 122 x 284 x 31mm, whereas the Celsius S36 is notably larger at 123 x 403 x 30mm.

The Celsius line of coolers also come equipped with a rather unique feature in the form of an integrated fan hub that allows end users to plug the cooler fans directly into the radiator instead of the motherboard.

We reached out to the company to see if the upgraded bracket will be offered as a standalone kit to existing Celsius S24 and S36 owners and, if so, will it be a free upgrade kit as was the case with socket AM4 upgrades?

The Celsius S24 and S36 are currently available now globally with an MSRP of $110 and $120 respectively.

Fractal Design CelsiusS24S36
Fan Dimensions (W x H x D)122 x 284 x 31mm123 x 403 x 30mm
Fan Speed500 - 2,000RPM500 - 2,000RPM
Fan Voltage12V DC 12V DC
Max Airflow87.6 CFM87.6 CFM
Fan Noise32.2 dB(A)32.2 dB(A)
Pump Speed 1950 - 3150 RPM1950 - 3150 RPM
Pump Voltage5V - 12V DC 5V - 12V DC
Pump Connector4-pin4-pin
Port ThreadsG ¼”G ¼”