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Lian Li's PC-T70 Offers Open-Air Or Closed-Air Test Bench

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Lian Li launched its latest enclosure, the PC-T70, which was initially revealed during CES. The PC-T70 is an open-air test bench with a special twist: An additional kit may be installed to turn the PC-T70 into a closed-air case.

The Lian Li PC-T70 looks exactly how you might imagine a test bench. It offers open-air clearance to make swapping components easy, plus the back panel can be removed for even less obstruction. The motherboard mounts support E-ATX, ATX, and Micro-ATX boards. Surrounding the mounts are six pass-throughs for routing cables to your PSU and drive mounts. The floor panel in the bottom chamber supports PSUs up to 13 inches long; a 360mm radiator; and either one 3.5” drive plus five 2.5” drives, or two 3.5” drives and one 2.5” drive.

The PC-T70 can be transformed into a closed-air case via an optional T70-1 upgrade kit, which includes two additional side panels, a different rear panel, and an acrylic cover. The two side panels feature cutouts to mount either a 240mm or 280mm radiator on each panel. The bottom floor panel can also support enough reservoirs and pumps should you choose to mount two radiators on the side panels and one radiator on the bottom. With the acrylic panel attached, CPU coolers up to 7.09 inches high are supported.

The Lian Li PC-T70 is available now for $190 and comes in black or white. The T70-1 kit is offered separately, but pricing hasn’t been revealed. Lian Li also offers the PC-T70FX, which offers both the PC-T70 and T70-1 kit in a single package.

Dimensions17 x 16.26 x 12.44 inches (WxDxH)
ColorsBlack or White
Drive Bays-3.5” + 2.5” x 5 or -3.5” x 2 + 2.5”
Expansion Slots8
I/O Port-USB 3.0 x 2-HD Audio
Fan Support120mm or 140mm
Radiator Support-360mm radiator-240mm x 2 or 280mm x 2 radiators with T70-1 kit
Clearance-CPU cooler height: 7.09 inches (when enclosed)-GPU length: 13 inches-PSU length: 13 inches
  • clutchc
    I was all set to grab one... until I saw the price.
  • SinxarKnights
    19699062 said:
    I was all set to grab one... until I saw the price.

    Should have known that when reading the title though, "Lian Li".
  • clutchc
    19699509 said:
    19699062 said:
    I was all set to grab one... until I saw the price.

    Should have known that when reading the title though, "Lian Li".

    True that. I was hoping it would be a reasonably priced "case" if it was just a bare skeleton.
  • Unolocogringo
    This looks like Igor's test bench.
    His is black and this one is brushed aluminum. but I believe they are the same enclosure.
  • epobirs
    Pricey but if I had space for a permanent test bench, I'd really be tempted to get one of these.
  • cats_Paw
    The whole point of an "open test bench" is that it is each and easy to access.
    Selling it as a product feels weird. How many of these are they expecting to sell?
  • Pompompaihn
    Somebody is going to have to explain "why" to me? What a bizarre idea.