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Thermaltake Announces View 37 Case With Gull-Wing Window

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Thermaltake announced a new mid-tower case, the View 37, with a curved, single-piece window that spans from the side to the top of the case.

Lately, we’ve been beating on case manufacturers for making too many similar-looking cases. The fans-behind-glass look has really taken off, but Thermaltake’s View 37 might just be the most interesting interpretation of this overused motif yet. The new mid-tower is available in two versions: the RGB Edition and the Riing Edition. The difference between them is in the included fans and accessories. The RGB Edition comes with three pre-installed 140mm Riing Plus RGB fans, while the Riing Edition has two pre-installed 140mm LED fans. Since the cases are identical in every other way, we’ll cover them together.

The View 37’s highlight feature is, of course, the gull-wing-style window that’s made from a single pane. Thermaltake makes no mention of glass anywhere in its press materials, so we suspect that the window is made from some sort of plastic. The case’s front panel is also transparent, offering a view of the two fans behind it. The I/O is lined up pleasantly in a row at the top edge of the front, but a USB-C port is unfortunately lacking. The rest of the case is black-on-black steel.

Moving on to its internals, the View 37 supports motherboards up to standard E-ATX (12 x 13”), GPUs up to 410mm, and PSUs up to 220mm. Eight vertically stacked slots allow for normally oriented multi-GPU configurations, while two rotated slots and an included PCI-e cable allow a single GPU to be mounted horizontally. A removable three-bay drive cage and four drive caddies allow for up to seven 3.5” drives to be installed. The caddies serve a dual purpose and can each hold two 2.5” drives, allowing up to eight to be installed in total.

You might think that the View 37 is compromised in the cooling department due to its lack of top-mounted fans, but it isn’t. Thermaltake obviously saw that compatibility for at least two radiators has become the standard for modern mid towers, so it built a radiator mount into the front-right side of the View 37. A 360 or 420-type radiator with fans can be installed here. Cooling at other parts of the case include a single 120mm/140mm rear fan and either dual 200mm or triple 120mm/140mm front fans. Both of these spots can also mount radiators.

The huge amount of transparency on the View 37 is rightfully matched with Thermaltake’s new RGB Plus lighting ecosystem, which can be used standalone or in conjunction with most major motherboard OEMs’ ecosystems. We should mention that only the View 37 RGB Edition comes pre-configured with RGB Plus. Thermaltake’s lighting ecosystem is built by daisy-chaining controllers that are supplied with Thermaltake’s fans, and not with a standalone control hub. If you get the Riing Edition, you’ll have to use your own RGB control hardware or separately purchase some of Thermaltake’s RGB Plus-compatible cooling equipment.

The Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition and Riing Edition are available now on Newegg at $170 and $110, respectively.