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AOC Agon G322QCX 32" QHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor Review: Affordable High-End Gaming

OSD Setup & Calibration

The AG322QCX’s on-screen display (OSD) appears in a small strip across the bottom-center of the screen. You can move it around if you wish, but it’s most out of the way in this default position.

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The Luminance menu has brightness and contrast sliders, along with three gamma presets and the Agon’s six image modes. Standard offers reasonable accuracy in the DCI-P3 color gamut. You can dial it back to sRGB and also access color temp choices via the Color menu. The gamma presets all present a different curve that you should select prior to changing anything else. See our calibration notes to learn why.

The Color menu has an sRGB white point, plus three other presets and a user mode. When calibrating, be aware that you’re locked into DCI color. sRGB cannot be adjusted, and its output is fixed at around 225 nits. The RGB sliders offer good precision.

Picture Boost creates a bright area on the screen that you can size and move. You can adjust brightness and contrast within that area to create any effect you want. It’s handy for things like photo or video editing.

OSD Setup offers multiple languages, up to a 120-second timeout, position and transparency. You’ll also find the volume control and a break reminder. Need to change the DisplayPort version? That’s here as well.

Game Setting has six gaming modes that are specific to FPS, RTS and other types. You also get Low Blue Light, a color saturation control, and overdrive. The Medium setting works best at reducing motion blur without excessive ghosting. Also here is a slider called Shadow Control. It affects gamma at both the bottom and top of the brightness range. Values over 50 will clip highlights severely. The same happens to shadow detail if you turn it below 40. It interacts with the gamma presets and the RGB sliders, making it difficult to achieve an accurate calibration. Leave it on 50 for best results.

The Extra menu has all remaining options, including an input selector, off timer, DDC/CI and a reset function. The V Frequency field says “FreeSync” when using that feature.


The only picture mode that allows calibration is Standard. That will lock you into the DCI-P3 color gamut. sRGB is available but only as a color temp choice. It’s reasonably accurate but fixes brightness at 225 nits and has less-than-stellar gamma tracking. 

We preferred the look of slightly oversaturated but accurate color delivered by calibration. Our recommendation is to leave Gamma on setting 1 and Shadow Control on 50. Adjust the RGB sliders to dial in the white point and reduce contrast a few clicks to solve a highlight clipping issue. Then, set the backlight to your preferred level.

See our values below:

AOC Agon AG322QCX Calibration Settings
Brightness 200 nits72
Brightness 120 nits31
Brightness 100 nits21
Brightness 80 nits12
Brightness 55 nits0
GammaGamma 1
Color Temp UserRed 50, Green 50, Blue 53
Shadow Control50

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