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AOC G2770PF 27-inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review


To those wishing for lower prices in gaming monitors, we can say that the G2770PF represents good progress. Yes it's TN and yes it's FHD, but at well under $400, it represents one of the best values in a 27-inch adaptive-refresh display. That it operates from 30 to 144Hz in FreeSync mode is a nice added bonus that puts it above some more expensive products.

Since we first saw FreeSync screens last year, the major spec that sets them apart from one another is operational range. Even when a panel can run at 144Hz, it doesn't automatically follow that FreeSync will work at that speed. In fact most monitors top out lower. We've seen a few that only sync refresh rates up to 90Hz. To prevent tearing above that level, you have to lock the refresh in-game.

We've also explored whether or not this makes a difference in practice. Our opinion so far is that it doesn't when the monitor is paired with a mid-priced video board. Our R9 285-based test system can run most titles in 1920x1080 resolution at around 90fps on average. This is plenty smooth for us and we never see any tears or stuttering. If we turn down the detail level to get a frame rate above 100fps, tearing is so minimal that it's a non-issue. At high speeds motion quality is not impacted by a locked refresh rate.

For those with more graphics processing power under the hood however, you'll want to consider a monitor like the G2770PF for its higher FreeSync rate. If you can run a game at 144fps, why not take that extra step and see the best possible quality in all situations. That's what this monitor is designed to do at a reasonable price. And if you're still put off by the TN panel, we just don't think it diminishes the screen's image quality in actual use.

The benchmark tests tell us the monitor has excellent contrast but there are a few aberrations in the grayscale, gamma and color charts. Nothing we found takes the panel out of contention, especially given its value; but past AOC products have fared a little better when the nits are picked.

During real-world use, whether it be gaming or productivity, we took no notice of any color problems. Compared to other gaming screens it's not quite as accurate but we suspect this won't prevent users from taking advantage of its competitive pricing. Good contrast easily outweighs a few minor color errors and the G2770PF certainly has that. Image quality is quite good and we think it will satisfy the majority of those seeking a general-use and gaming display.

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Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware, covering Monitors.

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Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.
  • ohim
    I don`t understand the 27" 1080p market, most of the guys who buy these monitors instantly regret it and sell them for cheap on the second hand market. In phones they don`t know how to cram more pixels on to a little screen while on PC they don`t know how to make them bigger ...
  • Verrin
    I could live with 1080p at 27 inches. Hell, I've been using a 42 inch TV for years now and I honestly have no complaints with the pixel density, which is much worse. I probably would struggle to deal with the ghosting though from the lack of overdrive on this panel over 60Hz.

    My current freesync monitor had a firmware bug that prevented overdrive from being enabled with freesync turned on, and the ghosting was atrocious. I had to send it in to get the firmware updated, and the monitor has been excellent ever since.
  • sillynilly
    1080 at that size is a bit nasty. Save a bit a get 1440 at this screen size - better, just better.
  • J_E_D_70
    I looked at Asus 27" 1080 TN panel a couple of years ago in store and it looked great. I just wish gsync was same price.
  • RockyPlays
    I'm sticking with the 24" Aoc 144hz Freesync model. I don't see the point of spending more on a bigger screen.
  • sergyi
  • sergyi
    It is a good monitor for gaming.