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Build Your Own XGA Projector II: Suitable TFT Monitors

Practical Tips

Caution: even though this should already be abundantly clear: dismantling a TFT monitor invalidates any warranty claims!

Now you've done it: with the seal broken, you can no longer file any claims with the manufacturer.

Modern displays have a metal frame that is held on by four screws.

The ribbon cable conundrum: the cables on some panels are too short, making easy installation on an overhead projector impossible. The rule is: in case of doubt, check first!

A whole host of things can go wrong with some displays if the cables behind it get in the way and thus block the light to the overhead. Only those with a real knack for tinkering should attempt to extend the foil cables and thus change the inverter arrangement.

The utmost caution is called for during disassembly: even the slightest bending stress will crack the TFT panel and immediately render it useless.

  • Sokar Nox
    I can't find any of the monitors listed, I tryed Cragislist and Ebay. I tryed to use a dell 15 inch and the cable went accross the screen.. Any suggestions? E-Mail