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Casing Out MicroATX

How Big Or Small Are MicroATX Cases?

Only a direct comparison reveals the size differences of the designs. A midi tower looks like a skyscraper next to it, though a small form-factor PC appears miniature and dainty. The middle ground is occupied by MicroATX. MicroATX cases have a volume about 50% of that of a midi-tower. Whereas only two expansion cards will fit into a small form-factor PC, a midi-tower can take up to seven different cards. MicroATX can still accommodate four slots.

Of course there are differences, otherwise it would all quickly get boring. The eight models below provide a good sampling of MicroATX cases.

A MicroATX case is nearly 50% smaller than a midi-tower

MicroATX vs. ATX desktop and small form-factor PC

  • Nicoia
    Can anybody, please help me .....!! I'm looking for the AOpen XC Cube EX945 GC - from the 3 Cases, that are in the front of this web page... The silver & black X Cube... Can anybody help me, in telling me where I, can buy or get one .... Thanks & best regards ...