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Casing Out MicroATX

Antec Aria, Continued

Drive cage easy to take out

The drives screw securely into this bracket

Plus points

  • 8-in-1 card reader included
  • Low weight
  • Good workmanship
  • Fans barely audible
  • Card fan included
  • 300 Watt power supply with SATA connection
  • All AGP and PCI slots are usable

Minus points

  • No drive decoupling
  • No covers for front ports

Extra fan provides for better heat dispersion

  • Nicoia
    Can anybody, please help me .....!! I'm looking for the AOpen XC Cube EX945 GC - from the 3 Cases, that are in the front of this web page... The silver & black X Cube... Can anybody help me, in telling me where I, can buy or get one .... Thanks & best regards ...