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AMD FirePro W8000 And W9000 Review: GCN Goes Pro

Maya 2013: 3D Performance

We used Maya 2013 with a modified script based on the "MayaTest.mel" (SPECapc 2009) file. We decided on the Nvidia Quadro 6000 as our reference card at 100% and converted all other cards' performances to a percentage of its result. Numbers lower than 100% indicate faster performance than the Nvidia Quadro 6000, and numbers higher than 100% indicate slower performance.

This benchmark reflects a fairly accurate picture of real-world performance. AMD’s FirePro W-series cards do well, pulling ahead of the company's older cards (as they should, due to their added computational power) and comparing well with Nvidia’s cards. Once more, the hardware that finishes in front depends on the specific application.