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Homegrown Mod Manifesto: How To Build A UV PC

So Many Choices, So Much Fun: Selecting The Parts

You have to get inspiration where you can find it; and the inspiration for this article was the DFI LAN Party NFII Ultra Motherboard. This unique looking wonder of technology also recently won a THG Editor's Choice award.

The inspiration for creating the "THG UV PC" originated with DFI. Recently, we reviewed DFI's new LAN Party NFII Ultra Motherboard and, after evaluating it, we were very impressed with DFI's offering. The building of slick looking options into its motherboard appeal to LAN partygoers, as well as case modders. The LAN Party NFII Ultra Motherboard is UV light reactive, a very innovative concept, and creates the basic platform on which we will begin our UV PC build.

Although DFI added extra "bells and whistles" to this motherboard, our testing of the board indicated that these additional features do not compromise its performance; this board is very good looking and performs just as well as it looks. Since we selected the DFI Lan Party NFII, this board used the nForce 2 chipset, so we had to opt for the AMD Athlon 3200XP Barton core with the 400 MHz FSB to complement it.

The fan we selected for this CPU build is the Vantec Aeroflow TMD - Looking back on it now, we could have selected a fan that was UV reactive and lighted, but this is another improvement that we will save for another time. We added 1 GB of Kingston HyperX DDR 400 to the system, as well.