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LCD Comparison: 17" & 19" Under 20ms


To review more monitors, we have decided not to limit what we look at to a single size, but instead, over a range of 17", 19" and 20" monitors.For the purpose of our tests, we decided it was not relevant to include monitors' specs provided by the supplier. We summarize them at the end, but feel they are not very useful and are in fact misleading. For a grasp of what is meant by response time, dithering, contrast rates, see our recent article on contrast ratios .

The tests were run on a PC with a 1.5 GHz Pentium 4, an i850 chipset motherboard and, most importantly, an NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000 video card with a double DVI output.

The Tests

Whatever their price or market category, all the monitors were put through the same tests. Whether they are targeted at graphic designers, gamers or graphics enthusiasts, they are all tested for their color, games interpolation and DVD play. We work from the basis that, apart from the fact that CRT monitors are designed for all uses, a high-end LCD for graphic artists should have a fast enough response time for 3D designers and developers, while offering viable color performance for hardcore gamers.

Specifically, we used Unreal Tournament 2003 (and now 2004), Wolfenstein, GTA Vice City, Command & Conquer, the movie Matrix, color charts, color temperature tests and other metrics to gauge the screens' capabilities.