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LCD Comparison: 17" & 19" Under 20ms

Sharp LL-T19D1-H

The LL-T19D1-H has two analog inputs in addition to the DVI input.

If you just read its specs, the LL-T19D1-H is frightening. It claims to reach a contrast rate of 700:1 for brightness of 300cd/m². In fact, it is basically better adjusted that it seems, and even better than its big brother the LL-T2020H.

At 6500K, it has an almost perfect brightness of 108cd/m² for a black spot of 0.46cd/m². The black could be deeper, but the white spot is very well adjusted, not dazzling, and perfect for prolonged use of the screen. This setting gives it a real contrast rate of 235:1.

Tested at 5000 and 9300K, the results were not nearly so good. The last try at 6500K with maximum brightness (30/30 instead of 4/30 by default), the LL-T19D1-H reached 258cd/m² for white and 0.78cd/m² for black, a contrast rate of 424:1. But we felt it was too bright.

For game play, the monitor has too much afterglow. This also applies to DVD movies. By the way, the panel is not a Sharp, but a Fujitsu. It is an MVA comparable to the Sony SDM-S93 .